Anger is something that you feel – an emotion. When we experience the emotion it is called ‘being angry’ or we say that we ‘feel angry’.

The most common reason you will be reading this page is because you are trying to control or manage your own anger or somebody elses. Understanding what anger is and what causes it may be a part of that process.

What Is Anger Like?

Being angry is associated with the following:

  • violence
  • aggression
  • being very unhappy about another person
  • yelling and shouting
  • fighting
  • frustration
  • extreme annoyance
  • feeling unhappy
  • wanting to hurt something or somebody
  • bitterness
  • pain

This is not a complete list, but it gives an idea of what anger is like. Different people have different ideas about what anger is like, and how anger works.

The views on this web site are just one of many approaches to anger.

What Happens When Somebody Gets Angry?

There are changes in your body when you get angry, and also in the way that you think.

When you get angry, you are getting ready to take action.

example: Panali insults Simon. Simon gets angry.

When Simon gets angry a number of things happen:

  • his body gets ready for a fight
    • it produces hormones
    • heart rate increases
  • he becomes focussed on his anger, and thinks less about consequences
    • his level of self control reduces
example… : Simon hits Panali. Panali falls down and lies still. Simon hits Panali again.
In this case, the result of anger is violence.
Along with this, Simon does not think about what might happen and also is not very aware of the extent to which his action affects the other person.
This simple example shows some of the problems that can come from being angry.

Is Anger Bad?

Is is not wrong to be angry, but it is important that we have sufficient self control to prevent harm to ourselves or to others.

In some cases anger is useful to make sure that we take action to right a wrong.

Anger is bad when we hurt others because we are angry, and sometimes we hurt people that have nothing to do with the reason that we are angry.

Anger is bad when we make it a habit, and use it to bully and abuse others.

How Can I Control My Anger?

There are a number of methods presented to help control your anger. You should read the disclaimer before you try any of these methods. 

Can I Help Others Control Their Anger?

It is possible to help others control their anger. Again, you should read the disclaimer before you try any of the methods presented.